System requirements

  • 64-bit Linux, MacOS >= 10.11, 64-bit Windows
  • Python 2.7 or Python >= 3.5
  • RAM: Snips NLU will typically use between 100MB and 200MB of RAM, depending on the language and the size of the dataset.

Install Snips NLU

It is recommended to use a virtual environment and activate it before installing Snips NLU in order to manage your project dependencies properly.

Snips NLU can be installed via pip with the following command:

pip install snips-nlu

We currently have pre-built binaries (wheels) for snips-nlu and its dependencies for MacOS (10.11 and later), Linux x86_64 and Windows 64-bit. If you use a different architecture/os you will need to build these dependencies from sources which means you will need to install setuptools_rust and Rust before running the pip install snips-nlu command.

Language resources

Snips NLU relies on language resources which must be downloaded beforehand. To fetch the resources for a specific language, run the following command:

python -m snips_nlu download <language>

Or simply:

snips-nlu download <language>

The list of supported languages is described here.

Extra dependencies


If at some point you want to compute metrics, you will need some extra dependencies that can be installed via:

pip install 'snips-nlu[metrics]'


pip install 'snips-nlu[test]'


pip install 'snips-nlu[doc]'