System requirements

  • 64-bit Linux, MacOS >= 10.11, 64-bit Windows
  • Python 2.7 or Python >= 3.4, <3.7
  • RAM: Snips NLU will typically use between 100MB and 200MB of RAM, depending on the language and the size of the dataset.


Snips NLU does not support Python3.7 yet.

Install Snips NLU

It is recommended to use a virtual environment and activate it before installing Snips NLU in order to manage your project dependencies properly.

Snips NLU can be installed via pip with the following command:

pip install snips-nlu

We currently have pre-built binaries (wheels) for snips-nlu and its dependencies for MacOS (10.11 and later), Linux x86_64 and Windows 64-bit. If you use a different architecture/os you will need to build these dependencies from sources which means you will need to install setuptools_rust and Rust before running the pip install snips-nlu command.

Language resources

Snips NLU relies on language resources which must be downloaded beforehand. To fetch the resources for a specific language, run the following command:

python -m snips_nlu download <language>

Or simply:

snips-nlu download <language>

The list of supported languages is described here.

Extra dependencies


If at some point you want to compute metrics, you will need some extra dependencies that can be installed via:

pip install 'snips-nlu[metrics]'


pip install 'snips-nlu[test]'


pip install 'snips-nlu[doc]'